What We Offer


In a safe, accepting, compassionate space, Heart Centred Therapy utilizes present centred awareness and deep listening to guide you deep in your experience.

Individual Sessions-    Sessions are 1 hour 15 minutes in length. A session may be deep or practical, always with the intention of focusing on the present moment to help you learn to embrace and trust your unique unfolding process.  I employ experiential exercises, guided visualization, gestalt dialoguing, mindfulness techniques and homework.

Couples-  Sessions are 1 hour 15 minutes in length. Couples therapy can support a relationship in any phase of development or crisis. Together, we clarify what is going on for each person, how your issues are interacting with each other, and look for resolutions and agreements to deepen into the relationship in a mutually respected and comfortable approach. It is most common for couples to do 6 to 10 sessions and then resume to their individual work.         

Classes and Workshops

Mindful Mondays- In a small group we will learn the art and practice of mindfulness, which will be demonstrated as more than just meditation or focusing on the breath. Over 6 sessions we will explore how Mindfulness is an everyday skill that can be practiced in many different approaches. Find out what works best for you.