At Heart Centred Therapy, we engage a self-reflective process that recognizes that everything is an opportunity to know yourself more clearly.  In all life’s troubling circumstances and difficult moments there is an opportunity to open to your awareness and gain the potential to make conscious choices.

Therapy is a process that helps you to recognize your automatic responses and identify what is driving those responses. With this understanding, you find the acceptance and clarity required for growth and change. I call this authentic leadership, where you possess the ability to lead yourself. You are centred in the real you, in this moment, to make real choices about who you want to be, what you want to say and how you want to act.

All of my work is client directed and client centred. You set the pace and the direction a session takes which often arises naturally as you begin to discuss your reason for coming to session that day.

If you have been feeling:






-Stuck, a sense of not moving forward


-Looking to gain a greater sense of meaning

Therapy can offer you a solution to this work through this phase of your life and assist you with developing the skills to stay connected, centred and content in yourself and your life.